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  • 09 May 2017 12:21 PM | Deleted user

    Who Wants To Be A Registrar?

      Another Great Conference Coming Soon by Grant McMillan

    I've written before at some length on the value and importance of attending conferences as a professional. You'll do yourself a favour and you give back to the registrarial profession just by attending! That said, there's an excellent conference coming up in June in Calgary, BC. Hosted by the Western Association of Registrars of Universities []

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  • 16 Feb 2017 2:27 PM | Deleted user

    Who Wants To Be A Registrar?

      Update on Tickler File Idea by Grant McMillan

    In my last post, I griped at the lack of good tools to help me remember vague but important recurring things. You know, those things that come around every year but still catch you by surprise. Things that make you ask, “Why is there such a big line-up at the Registrar’s Office right now?” or things to remember such as “Sometime in the early spring semester, send out a reminder email to faculty about…” We should remember these things, and I have staff and colleagues who DO remember these things, but I struggle with this stuff.

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  • 09 Dec 2016 12:09 PM | Deleted user

    "From elementary school to university and beyond, Syrian refugees can face a tough time starting over. Education reporters Caroline Alphonso and Simona Chiose take stock of the challenges ahead, and how refugees are rising to meet them."

    via the Globe and Mail

  • 10 Nov 2016 11:02 AM | Deleted user
    Who Wants To Be A Registrar?

      The Transformational Registrar by Grant McMillan

    One way in which the Office of the Registrar has changed over the past 10 years is by moving away from processing forms, entering data, and printing paper to providing service and support that can change people’s experience with the university or college.  Registrar’s Offices around the world are often very quick to embrace technology because we recognize that the use of technology to automate  things allows us to provide the personal service that can make the difference for a student, or provide the insight needed for a faculty department. How does this happen?

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  • 03 Nov 2016 3:55 PM | Deleted user

    University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Memorial University, Mount Royal University, the University of Calgary, and the University of Lethbridge will lead the new Canadian Health Promoting Universities and Colleges Network.

    The six universities have become the first in Canada to adopt the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges

    Read the media release via UBC.

  • 23 Sep 2016 1:06 PM | Deleted user

    A historic partnership between two forward-thinking institutes helps Indigenous students access university.


  • 09 Sep 2016 9:49 AM | Deleted user

    via Academica Top Ten: 

    “Few concepts in academe have been dissected, debated, mocked, and defended in recent months as much as the ‘safe space,’” write Sarah Brown and Katherine Mangan for the Chronicle of Higher Education. The authors argue that rather than focusing on what “safe spaces” look like in practice, many commentators have framed these spaces within polarized terms, seeing them either as “essential sanctuaries for members of historically marginalized groups” or as the reflection of a “troubling desire to escape the rigorous intellectual inquiry that college should be all about.” The authors explore a number of recent debates invoking the concept of safe space, and ultimately call for a more nuanced understanding of the contexts in which it appears.

    Original post from Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required)

  • 19 Aug 2016 9:56 AM | Deleted user

    Thanks to a partnership between Capilano University and the Jamaican government, this summer, students from Jamaica are studying Animation Fundamentals. 

    The Animation Fundamentals course helps students build portfolios and prepares them for the two-year 2D and 3D animation diploma programs offered at the University. The World Bank views the development of the animation industry in Jamaica as a strategy for economic development and a solution to youth unemployment.

    Read the full statement here.

  • 08 Jul 2016 11:06 AM | Deleted user


    Why your orientation program may need an overhaul

    Find out what students really want when they’re new and why it’s not what you think.

    Learn More here.

  • 24 Jun 2016 9:50 AM | Deleted user

    Who Wants To Be A Registrar?

      The Perpetual Motion Registrar by Grant McMillan

    The other day someone who I hadn't seen in 20 years said to me, "Hey, you're the Registrar now? That's awesome - I guess you've made it, eh?" Other than the fact that I've been a Registrar for 19 years now, I realized yet again, here's someone who doesn't understand what it means to be […]

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